The Great Nurdle Hunt is Fidra’s first project. It aims to end further industrial plastic pellet or ‘nurdle’ pollution into Scottish seas.

With the support of the local plastic industry we want all companies handling nurdles in Scotland to sign the ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ pledge. With their help we can achieve zero nurdle loss across Scotland and challenge the rest of the UK to do the same.


Cotton Buds

Plastic cotton bud stems disposed of into sewage systems have resulted in pollution of inland waterways and the marine environment worldwide. Despite having been recognized as a problem for at least 20 years, this continues to be a pollution issue, constituting more than 50% of sewage related debris recorded in surveys of UK beaches in recent years.



The Fidra Trustees have supported a novel programme of work at Fauna & Flora International (FFI) since 2012, which aims to highlight the impact of microplastic pollution on marine biodiversity. FFI is working constructively and collaboratively with corporate businesses to improve policies and practices that ultimately reduce direct sources of marine microplastic pollution.

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