Fidra shines a light on environmental issues through targeted projects that demonstrate positive change Fidra works with governments, industry and the public, to deliver evidence-based solutions Fidra protects ecosystems by preventing pollution & promoting sustainability © Scott Currie cdn_helper

Our Projects

Preventing pollution

By removing the burden of chemical and plastic pollution on the environment, our projects build resilience to the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

Supporting sustainability

A safe circular economy saves energy, resources, and prevents pollution. Our projects address the use of harmful chemicals, promote alternatives to single-use items, and stop losses from supply chains.


The UK is failing to protect its precious wildlife from toxic chemicals. From bees to bottlenose dolphins, every UK habitat is facing the threat of pollution.

Why are chemical flame retardants added to furniture if they do not improve safety? New research explores the toxicity of smoke and gases released from burning flame retardant-treated furniture.

What is the essential use concept and how can it help address the chemical pollution crisis?


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Fidra achieves solutions to environmental issues using the best available science by working collaboratively with governments, industry and the public