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EU adopts regulation to prevent plastic pellet pollution from some sources

This regulation includes mandatory minimum requirements for companies throughout the nurdle supply chain to prevent nurdle loss to the environment. The passing of this vote is an important step forward in preventing some sources of nurdle pollution in the EU. However gaps in the new regulation remain.

The EU adopts restrictions on intentionally-added microplastic to products

Artificial pitch infill is an intentionally-added microplastic and is included in this regulation. This regulation marks a crucial first step in stemming the plastic pollution problem at some of its sources and can pave the way for more comprehensive and ambitious regulations.

Senior Project Manager Dr Clare Cavers wins Award

Dr Clare Cavers presented Scottish Women's Award for Achievements in Civil Service for her work representing Scottish Environment Link as part of Fidra's project on Scottish salmon farming.

PFASfree shortlisted for Nature of Scotland Award

Fidra's project to end PFAS pollution through citizen science, business engagement and legislative change makes the Nature of of Scotland Award shortlist

Fidra host Best Fishes workshop

Workshop participants agree that data needs to be communicated more effectively across the sector. This identifies the continued demand for a sustainable dashboard to improve supply chain transparency


Fidra highlight the interrelated issues of climate change and plastic waste and chemical pollution at Cop26 in Glasgow

Retailers’ receipts go bisphenol free

Major UK supermarkets offer bisphenol free receipts and supports call for a ban on bisphenols in thermal paper

Fidra publish report assessing alternatives to polystyrene fish boxes

We worked with TAUW (an environmental consultancy) to compare alternative to EPS fish boxes, and set users on a road to better boxes. Read the report

12 Key Asks for the UK chemical strategy

Fidra play a key role in the call to the UK government to address management synthetic chemical use following the UK’s departure from the EU

PFAS bead test

‘Help us find the PFAS’ in food packaging launched to identify what food packaging could contained PFAS

First Best Fishes workshop with British Retail Consortia

The meeting focuses on the importance of transparency throughout the industry, with an onus on supermarkets to discuss how they could improve their processes and be more transparent

EU legislation

Legislation banning the use of one bisphenol, bisphenol A, was enacted this year due to the risks posed to unborn babies of shopworkers

Artificial Pitch Guidelines launched
Pitch In logo

Working in partnership with Kommunernes International Miljøorganisation (KIMO) we publish guidelines to promote alternative materials and practical microplastic mitigation options

First Great Global Nurdle Hunt

52 nurdle hunts take place in 34 countries, with nurdles being found on 84% of beaches

Phase-out of PFAS stain-resistant clothing

Major retailers including Tesco, M&S and H&M phase out PFAS-based stain resistance from school uniforms and all clothing

Plastic policy in Scotland

Scottish Government convenes its first plastic pellet steering group, with a two-year mandate to develop a ‘supply chain approach’

UN recognition

Cotton bud project was showcased in a UN environment report: 25 Innovative and Inspiring Solutions to Combat Plastic Marine Litter in the Mediterranean

Nature Scotland Award

For the Great Nurdle Hunt

Best Fishes Project begins
Best Fishes

Identifying significant environmental impacts of Scottish salmon aquaculture

PFAS on school uniforms
PFAS free

Fidra research use of PFAS to create ‘stain-resistant’ school uniforms, joining the POPFREE collaborative research project to find non-fluorinated alternatives that maintain technical requirements with a reduced environmental footprint

The Good Buddy List

Ten major retailers commit to remove plastic-stemmed cotton buds from shelves

Polystyrene & compostable packaging

Fidra research the use and disposal of expanded polystyrene in takeaway food and drinks packaging

Industry breakthrough – The Cotton Bud Project

Connecting and building relationships with industry sees Johnson & Johnson commit to replacing plastic-stem cotton buds with paper

Microbeads project investment

Fidra support Fauna and Flora International (FFI) to remove microbeads from domestic products

Cotton Bud Project
Cotton Bud Project

Research begins to identify the scale and impacts of plastic-stemmed cotton buds on the environment

Scottish Marine Litter Strategy

Scottish Government launch a strategy to develop measures to minimise the amount of marine litter entering the marine and coastal environment. Fidra join the Steering Group advocating further action on cotton buds and nurdles

The Great Nurdle Hunt launched
nurdlehunt logo

Call for citizen scientists to collect data on nurdles lost from the plastic industry during production, transport, and use to make plastic products

Fidra founded

Fidra shine a light on environmental issues using the best available science to deliver pragmatic solutions in collaboration with governments, industry and the public

Nurdles and cotton bud stems found on East Lothian beaches

Dr Gait and trustees recognise the need to tackle this preventable form of pollution and gather volunteers to scope the problem