There are estimated to be over 5 trillion plastic pieces afloat at sea (Eriksen, M., et al. 2014).

Around 35,500 tonnes of microplastics are estimated to be floating in our ocean (Eriksen, M., et al. 2014)

Many organisms ingest small plastic particles. This may have consequences higher up the food chain (Cole, 2013; Lusher et al., 2013)

Poor water quality and sediment are the most serious pollution threats to many coastal and marine environments in populated areas (UN WWAP, 2014)

Sewage is the greatest contributor to poor water quality in populated coastal and marine environments (UN WWAP, 2014).

Only 20 per cent of globally produced wastewater receives proper treatment according to the UN (UNESCO, 2012).

Marine vertebrate populations have declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012 (WWF-ZSL, 2015)

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