The Fidra Trustees have supported a programme of work at Fauna & Flora International (FFI) since 2012, which recognises the potential impact of microplastic pollution on marine biodiversity.


Over this time FFI has developed strong links with researchers, NGOs, industry representatives and regulators on a wide number of microplastic issues, and has worked to address a number of direct sources of microplastics. FFI is working constructively and collaboratively with corporate businesses to improve policies and practices that ultimately reduce direct sources of marine microplastic pollution.

FFI has been at the forefront of efforts in the UK (and beyond) to halt the use of microplastic ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries, and created the Good Scrub Guide – subsequently in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society – to help raise consumer awareness and give people an easy way to take positive action. In addition, a Good Scrub Guide Australia has also been produced and the project has supported the development of a mobile App, Beat the MicroBead developed in partnership with the Plastic Soup Foundation.  The Good Scrub Guide provided FFI with a vital platform from which to engage with businesses and governments. As a result, world-leading legislation has been introduced by the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments.

FFI continues to engage with stakeholders across Europe and globally on the issue of microbeads in personal care and other products and is currently rolling out a significant programme of work that aims to address wider sources of industrial microplastic pollution

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