10 Years of The Great Nurdle Hunt 2013-2023 Results

This month Fidra are excited to have launched our new report, analysing the results from 10 years of The Great Nurdle Hunt!

The Great Nurdle Hunt aims to raise awareness of nurdle pollution and work to build data on the extent of this problem globally. Between 2013 – 2023 volunteers and organisations around the world have taken part in a nurdle hunt and helped to gather important evidence of nurdle pollution and call for action!


Download the results report here


To mark 10 years of The Great Nurdle Hunt, we analysed nurdle hunt data submitted by amazing volunteers from around the world between 2023-2023. 86% of all nurdle hunts have reported finding nurdles, with nurdles found on every continent except Antarctica. In 10 years 7,144 nurdle hunts have taken place across 73 counties, with nurdles documented from Canada to Kenya, demonstrating that nurdle pollution is a truly global issue.


Photo Credit: Richmond Quarcoo, Plastic Punch Ghana


We would like to say a massive Thank You to all the nurdle hunters who have taken part in the Great Nurdle Hunt over the last 10 years! With the support of 395 organisations, 20,457 volunteers have taken part in the Great Nurdle Hunt between 2013-2023. Spending a total of 1 year and 11 months continuously nurdle hunting!

The data collected by nurdle hunters across the world is vital to show the global scale of nurdle pollution and help organisations to drive for action to end nurdle pollution.

This year, data collected by nurdle hunters has been used by organisations at the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty negotiations to call for nurdle pollution to be comprehensively addressed in a final treaty. 


Photo Credit: The Good Karma Project, Spain

Key results: 

  • A total of 7,144 nurdle hunts have taken place
  • 20,457 volunteers have taken part in nurdle hunts, including groups from 395 organisations.
  • 86% of nurdle hunts have found nurdles
  • Nurdle hunts have taken place in 73 countries and all 7 continents. 
  • The equivalent of 1 year and 11 months has been spent nurdle hunting!

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Our growing nurdle network is allowing organisations to share knowledge and expertise on solutions, bringing us all closer to stopping global nurdle pollution for good. If you would like to learn more about nurdle pollution and solutions visit our new Nurdle Information Hub for NGOS and community groups.

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You can learn more about the Great Nurdle Hunt and how to get involved here.