Nature needs legal protection

From 1 January 2021 the EU’s environmental protection laws will no longer apply in Scotland. That means we have just a few weeks left to make Scotland’s new nature laws as strong as possible. Fidra have joined thousands across Scotland calling for stronger laws to protect and restore nature. By signing the petition you can show your support for better legal protection for nature in Scotland.

New Stronger Laws Now Needed

Many of us are now more aware than ever of how important nature is to our wellbeing and our future. But the scale of the challenges facing our environment has never been greater. 1 in 9 species are at risk of extinction in Scotland.  With time running out for species and the laws that protect them Fidra are supporting calls for Scotland to retain and build upon crucial EU environmental protections.

80% of Scotland’s environmental protections come from the EU so we now need strong new Scottish laws to protect and restore our wildlife and landscapes. Following pressure from thousands who wrote to the First Minister last year, the Scottish Government’s EU Continuity Bill includes plans to embed some key European environmental principles in Scots law and to set up a new environment watchdog, but it doesn’t go far enough.

The Power to Protect

The Continuity Bill must do more to protect Scotland’s nature. We need a independent watchdog with the power to uphold and defend environmental protections.  The ability to take action on specific complaints is a key strength of the EU system, but it’s missing from the proposed Scottish watchdog. The bill must be amended to include this power.  Scotland’s new environment watchdog must be truly independent. It needs the power to hold government to account and to enforce the laws protecting the natural environment.

An effective environment watchdog provides citizens with a means to get their voices heard, access justice. It levels the playing field for those businesses, farms and industries that are compliant.  Join us in calling for a watchdog with the power and independence to defend Scotland’s nature.

Sign the petition for stronger environmental protection in Scotland

As we strive for a green recovery from the pandemic and tackle the growing threats to nature strong laws protecting our environment will be more crucial than ever. Now is the time to make Scotland’s environmental protections as strong as they can possibly be. Strong laws help us protect and restore Scotland’s nature.







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