Fidra at COP26 goes live

At COP26 we’ll be showing world leaders, the public and businesses how plastic pollution, chemical pollution and the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis are interlinked and must be addressed together.  We will be showcasing our solutions to key environmental issues with an exhibition stand, digital resources and a range of online workshops and in person events. See details on our new website.

Fidra to launch Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021 results at COP26

As a Scottish environmental charity we are delighted to represent nurdle hunters around the world at COP26 in Glasgow.  We are launching the Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021 results at our exhibition at COP26 on Tuesday 9th November. There is still time do a nurdle hunt and add your nurdle finds to the Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021 results.  Your commitment and data demonstrate the scale of the problem and that there is support for governments and industry to do more for our environment.

Events and workshops

We are also exploring interrelated climate, biodiversity and pollution issues from salmon farming and packaging, to the problems and solutions to plastic waste, and chemical contamination in the outdoors with a range of events and workshops both online and in person.

Digital COP resources

Even if you can’t make it to COP26 you can still get involved, visit our new website to find out how Fidra works with the public, government and industry to build resilience and prevent resource loss, share your views and find out how you can help address the climate and biodiversity crises.

Visit Fidra’s COP website

Take a look at our digital displays