Opportunities for Pollution Prevention

Fidra outline the case for an ambitious UK Chemicals Strategy that delivers safer products, a healthier environment and secures the UK’s position as a global leader in green chemistry and sustainable innovation. By committing to the key steps and processes that will get us there, this strategy can fulfil the promises that political leaders have made to the UK public, meet the commitments laid out within the 25-year Environment Plan, and drive the UK towards a modern, sustainable, and secure economy.

Key policy commitments recommended for inclusion in UK chemical strategy:

  • Commitment to phase-out all non-essential uses of per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances by 2030, with a clear timeframe of intermediate policies to address ongoing use where suitable alternatives are already available (e.g. food packaging, fire-fighting foams, cosmetics, non-protective clothing).
  • Implement a ban on the manufacture and sale of food packaging containing intentionally added PFAS by 2022.
  • Implement a ban on the use of all bisphenols in thermal papers, including till receipts by 2022.
  • Revise legislation, regulation and enforcement of chemicals used as treatments in livestock farming including aquaculture, to ensure that restricted or banned chemicals cannot be applied through alternative paths, i.e. as disinfectant.
  • Ensure environmental quality standards are statutory for all chemical applications in livestock farming, including aquaculture and especially for formaldehyde, methanol and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Require transparency in livestock farming industries, including aquaculture, through publicly accessible databases or ‘sustainability dashboards’, including information on chemical use and frequency of application.
  • Require supply chain transparency and traceability through full chemical disclosure, development of National Materials Datahub and ‘smart labelling’ of products.
  • Ensure that the health impacts from fire toxicity and chronic chemical exposure are included in the remit for the revision of ‘The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988’, alongside fire safety considerations.
  • Commit to a minimum requirement to keep pace with EU chemical restrictions, for a limited time period, allowing UK regulatory processes to be developed and implemented whilst maintaining ongoing progress in chemical safety.

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