Consumer opinions on Scottish salmon farming – Fidra survey results 2019

Scottish Salmon Farming: Survey Results. A Fidra survey into consumer opinions on Scottish salmon farming


Overall, from this survey we have learned that consumers have neither the understanding that all Scottish salmon on sale in the UK is farmed, nor the means to find out this information. There is a clear desire to be able to access further information about the quality of the salmon they are buying and eating, and a big part of this involves understanding the processes involved in farming and production.

Fidra acknowledges the significance of participants expressing the desire for more information to be presented on the packaging of the salmon products they are buying. Fidra believes that there can be solutions and practices put in place to aid to increasing the information available to customers, and makes the following recommendations:
1) Retailers label salmon products with farm of origin.
2) Retailers support the call for accessible, transparent, real time information on environmental and sustainability issues to be available on a farm by farm basis online, to enable the consumer to access information on the salmon they are buying.
3) Environmental and sustainability issues are important to consumers, so farming practices need to reflect this by reducing reliance on chemicals known to impact wildlife and moving towards more enclosed structures for treatment and waste capture.
4) In view of consumer concern around environmental sustainability issues, no expansion in Scottish farming should take place until environmental issues are addressed.


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