UK Bisphenols Briefing 2022

Despite being linked to numerous health and environmental impacts, bisphenols are still used unnecessarily in UK paper tickets and receipts. Fidra is asking the UK Government to introduce legislation banning all bisphenols from use in thermal paper by 2023 to improve health and environmental protection against chemical exposure, and to enable safe and effective product recycling.

Key Points:

  • Bisphenols are a group of widely used industrial chemicals, often found in thermal papers such as receipts, tickets and labels.
  • Bisphenols have been linked to numerous health and environmental impacts, including fertility issues, cancers, and obesity in humans, and reduced reproductive success in wildlife.
  • Bisphenols in thermal papers can contaminate recycling streams, undermining the safety and effectiveness of the circular economy.
  • Bisphenol-A was banned in January 2020 from UK till-receipts based on the risk to human health. In many cases, this has led to regrettable substitution to alternative bisphenols with similar
    health and environmental impacts.
  • EU member states are already taking action on bisphenols, with Germany proposing a ban across the full chemical group.
  • Leading UK retailers support Fidra‚Äôs call for a group-based restriction, banning the use of all bisphenols in thermal papers



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