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Taking part in our Pitch-In project is easy, and fun!


Here’s how to get involved:

1) Sign up

Tell us you’re taking part. This helps us to show that people care!

Anyone can sign up – as an individual, community group or school class. We use this information when we speak to industry and decision makers to call for improvements to pitches.

2) Play the Pitch-In Games

We’ve created some fun activities that you can use to explore how much rubber crumb is lost from your pitch. Play these games to get your friends, school class or football club to get behind this project.

3) Take Action to stop the spread of plastic

We have made guides for pitch owners and users, to show how easy it is to keep rubber granules on sports pitches. We need your help to get your own pitch on-board and plastic pollution free. Download the pack to find out more.

Photo by Mat Brown from Pexels