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Our Guidelines for Cleaner Pitches


By making a few simple changes to the way in which pitches are designed, built, maintained and used we can work together to reduce their impact on the environment! That’s why we have created a set of simple guidelines, describing some of the small changes you can make to help stop the flow of microplastics from the pitch into the ocean.

By following these guidelines, you can keep the rubber crumb on the pitch where it belongs. Not only do these small steps help the environment, but they could save pitch owners money and even improve the quality of your playing surface.

How does the guide work?


Everyone involved with artificial pitches can play an important role in making your pitch more environmentally friendly. However, the practical steps you can take will depend largely on your role.  For this reason, we have split our guide into 3 parts. Click on the appropriate link to download your very own pdf copy of the guide:

These guidelines have been collated by Fidra and KIMO International, using expert advice from industry and feedback from sites in Sweden, Norway and Denmark where trials are already underway.

We are constantly striving to improve these documents, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further suggestions or insights into reducing microplastic loss from pitches.

Get Involved

Join our Pitch In community to find out how you can help to tackle microplastic loss from pitches.

Microplastic Action Plan

Do you own or manage a pitch? Try our online tool to create a bespoke microplastic action plan for your pitch.