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Pitch In!


We’re asking individuals, community groups, schools and football clubs to PITCH IN and tackle microplastic pollution from your artificial sports pitches.

What does my local pitch have to do with microplastic?!


Do you play on an artificial 3G pitch? Have you spotted little black rubber bits in your shoes, kit and around the pitch after training?

This rubber infill is used to make your sports pitch comfortable to play on.

But did you know these rubber granules are also a type of microplastic? These little granules can easily escape the pitch, ending up in nearby grass, rivers, ponds and eventually might even find their way to sea. Just like other plastic litter, they can harm animals and the environment.

What can I do?


Luckily there are simple ways to keep these rubber granules on the pitch.

Simple steps from pitch USERS, and pitch OWNERS can help to keep infill on the pitch and out of the environment. We’re working with industry, government and local communities across the UK and internationally to help stop microplastic escaping from pitches.

Want to make sure this is happening on your local pitch? Sign up today, and explore our website to find out how to TAKE PART to help tackle microplastic pollution.

The Pitch In Map

This interactive map shows the clubs, community groups, schools and individuals who are taking part in our project to tackle microplastic lost from pitches. Why not click on an icon to find out what Team Pitch In has already achieved?

Sign up here


You can sign up as a club, school, community group or individual. We’ll add an icon to our map to show you’re taking part.