Fidra is a charity based in East Lothian, Scotland. We seek ways to engage local concerns over current and emerging environmental issues, and use this to contribute to wider dialogue at national and international levels.


Once concerns have been identified, we use scientific evidence and research best practice to establish how best to influence positive environmental change.

Fidra’s charitable aspirations were born out of The Great Nurdle Hunt, when we, “A group of local mums” (East Lothian Courier May 2014) became concerned that plastic pellets were washing up on our local beaches.  Using an evidence based approach, we have harnessed the concerns of people living around the Firth of Forth and now more widely in Scotland and further afield to encourage plastics producers, users, transporters and trade associations to introduce best practice in plastic pellet management, Operation Clean Sweep.

Whilst we continue to work on microplastics issues, Fidra are also actively developing further projects, demonstrating how action started at a local level can lead to wider environmental benefits.  Projects are selected and developed by the Trustees.

We are not a grant giving organisation, and regret that we are unable to respond to unsolicited requests for funding.

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